Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

The Smart Family had a fun time celebrating Halloween this year!
 I would like to imagine that this was the first photo I took and everyone was semi-smiling......

 But in reality, this was more what it looked like. Nobody was wanting to cooperate.

 Gunnar was running off in different directions, Slade was sticking his axe in his siblings faces. Finley's eyes were shut and she didn't want to stand by the boys.

 Oh, and G thought it would be funny to stick his candy bucket on his head. Yes, that is how the Smart's roll.

 We seem to be better at individuals. Nobody has to share the limelight.

 The bucket head was really popular.

 The funny thing about Halloween night is that it started off rough (usually does). We had to rush through Kyle's bday gifts so the kids could get dressed in their costumes. I got everyone ready and we planned to go to two church's Trunk-or-Treats. When we got in the car, Gunnar was crying and everyone was mad for some reason or another. We pull up to the first church and we obviously got that information wrong because there was nobody in the parking lot. So we head on to the next church. Gunnar is still whining, mind you. When we pull up to that church, I think everyone in Lubbock had found out about this Trunk-or-Treat. There was an ENORMOUS line out into the parking lot of people just trying to get into the place. We were not doing this. We went to my sister's neighborhood just to walk around and trick-or-treat there and there were barely any lights on, nor were there people out and about. So we just decided right then and there to head home and "Old School" trick-or-treat in our own neighborhood. We walked up and down about five streets.

And to our surprise and amazement, we all LOVED it!!! We had the best time and the kids loved it! There weren't 500 people around us, it was quiet, calm, and quite lovely!!! Gunnar was very much into running up say "tick teat"! They kids acted great and we will be doing this for now on!!! We've been aiming way too high for Halloween fun for years. All this time, the most fun was in our own little neighborhood! We went knocking on doors till Gunnar wouldn't walk anymore and wanted to sit on the sidewalk and eat candy out of his basket. When we got home, Finley handed out candy at our door and Slade hid in the bushes and scared people!

 I'm not sure if the axe or the glowing eyes were the best.

 G is not fond of costumes. We had to get him something that didn't have to go on his head. He's not down with anything going on his head.

 Scary Darkish Man, Little Pirate, and Candy Corn Witch
Slade and Finley picked out their own. I've given up having any control in choosing what they wear. I give them a price limit, can't be disgusting, and must cover vital body parts. It was so much more fun when they didn't have an opinion. 

 This is a photo of the kids, Slade's friend, Peyton, and Campbell. They went with us to a friend's party a few weeks before Halloween. We got to wear our costumes a couple of times.

Happy Halloween!

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