Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday Cakes

We did lots of celebrating the week of Gunnar's birthday!

 When Cita and Nana came on the Wednesday before his party, he got to have his traditional Nana's chocolate cake that night.

 This was the first year he really was into his cake. He knows how yummy it is. I heart this photo.

 Oh and the fire, well he REALLY likes the candle.

 He wants to blow it out numerous times. He had to re-light about four times.

 Having Brandi's birthday on the 25th, three cakes for Gunnar, and Kyle's birthday on Halloween, you can imagine all the candles he has got to blow out!

 Gunnar and his Mickey Mouse cake. We were all Mickey this year!

 Gunnar and Cita

 Can you tell somebody dug into the cake with their finger before I could get a pic.

 Daddy lit his two candles.

 Blowing out his candles!

 And Re-lighting the candles, again.

 He really digs candles.

 Campbell made red velvet cupcakes for Brandi's birthday.

 We let him open his gifts from all of us on Friday night so he wouldn't have tons at his party to open.

Pretty good bday so far! 

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Anonymous said...

you got some good pics--may need some copies! Cita