Friday, November 9, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Pumpkin Picture Overload

 We had fun at the pumpkin patch this year. I was able to get lots of great pics-as you can see!

 This was G's first year to enjoy the patch!

 Slade-9, Gunnar-1(at the time), Finley-6

 My boy looks so old.....

 Slade wanted a pic with Gunnar but he kept running off.

 I wasn't really planning on being in the pics.

 Kyle and Fin

 Fin searched the whole yard for her perfect pumpkin!

 I love this picture

 Careful not to step on the baby pumpkins!

 We ended up with 3 large ones, and lots of white and orange baby pumpkins. We left the pumpkin patch and ate dinner at Buns Over Texas. Then we headed to to the Garden & Arts Center.

 They had a Pumpkin Trail. You could walk through the garden and there were hundreds of lit pumpkins. It was pretty neat but it was super crowded.

 Pumpkins galore!

Pumpkins were carved in just about every was you can imagine. They were great!

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