Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Few Years of Costumes.....

Just because I'm distraught with the fact that my kids are growing up, here are a few years of costumes..

 2008-Finley, a skunk
I repeat, this is Finley.
 (Doesn't Gunnar look like his sister! The whole time I was typing this, Gunnar was pointing to the photo, insisting it was him. He kept looking at me like I was crazy when I kept telling him, "no, it's Finley when she was little" I finally just agreed and said, sure, it's you, Gunnar!!!

 2008-Slade, Dracula

 2009-Finley, ladybug

 2009-Slade, pirate & ladybug

 2010-Slade is Mario, Finley is Minnie Mouse, and Gunnar the 4-day old pumpkin

 2011-Slade is a Ghostbuster, Finley a witch, Gunnar Superman

2012-Slade is just creepy, Finley a candy corn witch, Gunnar a pirate

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