Thursday, April 5, 2012


Black Bean & Quinoa Soft Tacos
As I've said, I've been trying to do some meatless meals and I found a recipe for tacos with quinoa. I took parts of several and came up with this. I really liked it. I don't do measurements but here's what ingredients I used......
Quinoa cooked in vegetable stock
black beans, drained
cilantro(this makes this really yummy
any kind of cheese(I think feta would be good)
corn tortillas
a dash of salt & pepper
and you can always add salsa

I also attempted to make homemade pesto........

And then I spilled some on the floor........
I did really like the pesto. It tasted fresh, but I'm not against buying jarred pesto. It wasn't that much cheaper after I bought fresh basil and pine nuts. It did have a different flavor and is a bit smoother than pesto from the jar. I was able freeze what I didn't use, so that will be nice to grab. I might make it again another time.

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