Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Girl's Trip

I've been horrible about blogging lately and can't seem to catch up! I still haven't posted my other Spring Break pics from the kids at the ranch and I haven't written about my Girl's Trip!!! After Christmas I noticed that my friend, Jessica, was having her Funky Finds Spring Fling in Ft. Worth the first weekend of our Spring Break. Just for the heck of it, I texted my high school friend, Amanda, who has moved far off to Victoria and I NEVER get to see her, and asked if she was going to Iraan by any chance for break. She was and we cooked up this girls trip for the weekend to go visit Jess' thing and see my friends, Natalie and Cari. So we planned to meet in Iraan, drop off our kids at their grandparents and leave early Saturday morning.

Everything was going swell until I called my mom early Tuesday morning (we were leaving Friday). My dad answered her phone and he very calmly told me that he was in the emergency room in San Angelo with mom and she had slipped in the bathtub, dislocated her shoulder, and cut her eye!!!! I was like WHAT!!! Dad said "we're still good to keep the kids for the weekend." I was thinking they had drugged my dad and he wasn't thinking clearly. I'm thinking my three kids wouldn't be such a great idea, seeing that my mom couldn't lift the baby and all!?! So I went to work figuring out babysitters and arranging places for kids to go. Kyle had to work Saturday and Monday. I ended up getting a girl to come Saturday till noon and another girl came on Monday and stayed all day.

I felt bad not helping mom, but Brandi went down and I think she mainly slept and took it easy for several days-we would have been a bother anyways. I didn't want to cancel the trip because Amanda had turned down a trip to Vegas to go on our trip. I ended up meeting her in Midland, left my car at her grandmother's house and we went to Dallas from there. Kyle did great with the kids and even took them to Slade's basketball game even though Gunnar runs onto the court! And took them all out to eat several times even though Gunnar is in the acting terrible at the restaurant stage! I'm not brave enough to do that-we can just manage going to Chick-Fil-A and that's my limit with G. Poor mom rested-and did I mention that she went to Iraan first to get her shoulder back in place, and the doctor couldn't get it back. My dad ended up driving her to San Angelo at midnight, all the while it was STILL dislocated! The doctor there had to put her under twice to get it back in and she's in a sling for 8 weeks!!! It was awful and she's still mad about it!!! Poor mom!

So we headed out EARLY Saturday morning and it rained the ENTIRE way from Midland to Ft. Worth. I mean pouring rain! I was a nervous wreck. Amanda was nervous. Trucks were blowing past us, blowing rain up on our windshield so we couldn't see. By the time we got there, I was exhausted from being crazy about driving in the rain!!! But we got to see Jess, and shop at the Spring Fling. Natalie met us there and we loved it! I ended up getting a cool necklace made from a vintage poker chip. All the products were homemade by the sellers. It was neat! And thanks to Jess, this is the only pic I got all weekend!!! I am falling down on the job! I had to steal this off of her FB! Thank you, Jess, for making your husband take this photo!!!

I got this at Home Goods (my favorite store) and I love it!!! I put it in my kitchen. We spent two nights and got to do some shopping, eating, and visiting. We even caught a movie. It was so weird not having kids with us. I wish we could have stayed for a week!!! I loved it and hope we can do it again soon! Kyle ended up bringing the kids to meet me in Midland and the kids and I headed to Iraan for the next several days!

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Funky Finds said...

It was so good seeing you & Amanda! Thank y'all for coming all the way in the pouring rain to support us & see first-hand what Funky Finds is all about!!! I wish we all lived closer to one another. We'll have to plan a real reunion weekend sometime soon. Maybe this summer....? Let me know what works for y'all! Carmen mentioned Iraan's homecoming, but I don't know if I could get Joe that far from the house! :)