Friday, April 13, 2012

Gunnar's First Easter Party

Ok, this was my baby last Easter..........

And this is him one year later. Now, excuse me while I go cry in a corner.........What happens in one year??? I just can't grasp it. Time, where have you gone......He went from sitting like a bump on a log to running all over the playground putting his own eggs in a basket. GEEEZ!

I let Finley come watch him hunt and she was very helpful. I got to just stand and take pics of him. It was great. Now if only she could bathe him and wash clothes.

He did pick up the eggs and chunk them in his basket, but he was more interested in the cool playground equipment. Priorities.

And this is just sweet of them.

An attempt at getting a group photo of one years olds=impossible!

We had to stuff our eggs with baby appropriate foods. I did tiny Ritz crackers. Finley opened his eggs and was feeding him Goldfish when they came back into the classroom.

And then Gunnar decided to feed Jack some fish, too! It was a fun first egg hunt. Still cannot believe he has gotten so big. I guess by next year he'll have his driver's license.............

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