Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter Sunday

I'm trying to post my Easter pics and blogspot has decided to use a new format. While I was adding my photos, it just decided to put them in random order-not at all how I loaded them. Is anyone else having trouble? Can you tell me what the secret is to loading photos? Help! Now to the pics, here we go in no particular order...........

 We went to Brandi's house to dye eggs. Gunnar needed to slide.

                                                         He was really sleepy, too.

Gunnar was particularly messy while dying his eggs. He wanted to throw them in the dye.

 I'm really sad when I say that Slade just wasn't into eggs this year. I guess he's growing up. He came and dropped in a couple of eggs and that was that. He didn't hunt eggs, but helped Gunnar. They didn't do anything at school as far as hunting. I just can't believe that my first born is 9. Sighhhhhhhhhhh

 Finley, on the other hand, was engrossed in all things Easter.

 I liked the orange eggs.

 Gunnar liked to break the eggs.

 Finley came up with this pretty turquoise color. I'm not sure what she did.

Finley felt the need to boss her cousin around while dying eggs. She has control issues.........

There was also some tire swinging going on in the backyard. P.S. Gunnar hates to swing-it scares him.

 And on Easter Sunday, we hunted our eggs. Miles acted like he knew exactly what he was doing.

 Here's big brother helping little brother. Sniff, sniff.

 "I'm too cool to hunt eggs so I will just hold Gunnar's basket."

Sweet Miles
 Possibly the Egg Champion......

 Campbell on the hunt

 Gunnar on the hunt

 Bossy Pants on the hunt

 I took stuff to make Peep smores for the kids' dessert. They were darn good even when you just warm the chocolate in the microwave. You notice the random photo order-we've gone from the middle of the egg hunt to smores..........

 Our baby that aged us 10 years because he never slept, but we love him.

 Campbell posing......

 Finley is enjoying her Peep smore. Can you see that Brandi covered the kids table in butcher paper so they drew all over it.

 Kids at lunch

 Finley, Miles Cooper, Slade, Gunnar, & Campbell

 The Smarty Pants kids

 The Smarty Pants Bunch

Wow! Easter bunny came, too. And yes, Slade wasn't into this either. He would just soon have had a lighter to catch sticks on fire. He's going through a pyro phase.

Beeler brunettes

 Gunnar discovers that some of the eggs contain chocolate.......

So he sat at the table for the rest of the time, eating foil and chocolate candies. Chocolate is the way to his heart........

You will never know how much I love those curls........

 Still eating...........I'm pretty certain Hershey Kisses foil travels right through the digestive system. Just in case anyone was wondering.

 Really, can another egg fit into her basket? I had forgotten how much real eggs smell.......

And, the best photo of the egg hunters I could get. We had a blessed Easter.

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