Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday!

Warning-I loaded about 500 pics on this post. Just saying......

This past Saturday we celebrated little man turning ONE!!! This is my favorite pic of the whole day. I have the exact same photo of myself on this exact swing, my cake in this exact pan, when I was one. I have the same pic of Finley, too. I didn't have the swing at the time of Slade's bday, but I have a professional pic of him on it when he was three. This swing always sat on Nana & Ambo's porch. I'm very sentimental towards this swing.

You are invited to Gunnar's first birthday..........

Fin and I made the caterpillars out of pom pom's, wrote all the party info on cardstock leaves, and we put everything inside baby food jars. My friend Stephanie saved all her tall baby food jars for me and I spray painted the tops!

We glued floral wire on the head for the antenna and painted on the eyes.

I love my boy!

We took some fam pics before the party started.......

Cita bought G some new kicks for his bday! They squeak!

Posing with his caterpillar cupcake cake!

Gunnar's cake that Nana made him in his great-great grandmother's pan. We all get a cake in this pan every birthday!

I bought paper hats at Target and decorated it to match. I really didn't think he would wear the hat, but he did!

Chocolate dipped marshmallows. Do you notice the stand-it's Ramma's Fiestaware. I glued one of the tumblers to an extra plate and made cake plates! I actually made three of them. On one plate, I used a smaller tumbler, so I can stack it on top of this plate. They are pretty cute and I know I will use them more often since they were just sitting in the pantry as extras.

On the mantle I made zero through twelve photo banner-a pic for every month of Gunnar's first year!

Party favors! I used all of my baby food jars and spray painted the tops and put ribbon around the center. My friend, Jessica, a graphic designer who owns/operates Funky Finds blog, kindly made me the labels. I printed, cut out, and glued them on top! Goldfish were perfect for our "caterpillar food".

On Saturday, he ate a lollipop! I just stuck dum dums in this pot I already had.

I loved his cupcake caterpillar. We had red velvet, chocolate, and white cupcakes.

Fruit cups.

The ice cream cones were cotton candy with M&M's in the bottom to keep the cones from tipping over.

Banner I made out of $1 plates.

Man, he's sweet! He had the best day! He loved being outside the whole party!

Angela & G

Brandi & Campbell

Eating marshmallows.

He thought he was really cool walking around with his choc dipped marshmallow. I think he even ate some that were covered in grass.

Violet is 10 weeks older than G


Kyle and Russ

Travis, Logan, Beth & Baby Girl Wells due March '12

It's cake time!!!

I seriously cannot believe he kept the hat on!

My three Smart's. Yes, he loved Nana's cake.

Gracie & G

C & G

Brandi helping Allie & C at one of our craft table. They painted caterpillars that were egg cartons. They also made fingerprint caterpillar book marks, colored caterpillar sheets, and made caterpillars out of circles of scrapbook paper.

Daren and Violet

Miles & G

Ralna & Landri

Slade was tossing the ball to Miles-it was so sweet. I had to snap a pic!

He loves his Cita.

And before everyone left, they signed The Very Hungry Caterpillar book and left Gunnar a birthday note!

Russ, London, and the Smarts. I guess Russ needs to have some more kids to catch up. : )


Mandi Watts said...

Super-cute birthday party!! Martha Stewart has got nothing on you!

The Boyd Gang said...

Really!!! Do you have to be such an over achiever??? You did an amazing job and I think I will hire you to do all my small kiddos parties!!

Lana said...

So adorable. I'm in the process of planning my twin girl's 1 year old party with this theme. I would love to know how to get the caterpillar food label. I was going to do the same type favor but with m&ms but am not so good with the computer designs. Thanks!