Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Boy & His Broom

This boy loves his broom. I love how his hair flips out in the back.
He takes it everywhere. He sometimes takes it in the car when we leave.

Or sometimes he takes it outside and sweeps leaves with it.

But usually, he just wags it around the house. Room to room. I sometimes find it in the bathroom. Or the hall. Or the pantry. I can tell exactly where Gunnar has been during the day.

An even better treat is when he gets to play with the REAL broom or REAL mop or REAL vacuum in the garage. Sometimes he sneaks the mop into the house and hits everything in his path as he drags it through the house.

What's really funny is that this weekend I had about 12 tubs of Christmas decorations, three mini tree boxes, villages, wreaths, & gift bags spread all out in garage. The entire weekend he only pulled out one box and one cord. The rest of the time, he begged (meaning that he stands and points and says DA. DA. DA. DA. over and over like he's asking you a question) for me to get out the REAL mop for him and he pushed it in the garage for hours. He never messed with any of the decorations except the two things he touched!!! This dude is serious about his cleaning supplies!

This week while the other two kids went to Cita's for several days, Gunnar had the privilege of being an "only child" for the first time in this life! He was the center of attention. It was so weird with just one here. And since he goes to bed early, it was really really quiet in our house at night. Kyle and I felt funny with all the calmness. We decided it was a little too boring for our liking. Although I will say that I got to sit and catch up on several television shows without interruption. But I still missed my little herd of Smarts all being together at night!!!

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