Sunday, November 13, 2011


I just thought this was too funny not to mention. Today we went to church and left Gunnar in the nursery-to his dismay I might add. When we arrived I went ahead and found us a seat and Kyle took Gunnar to check him in. They have you fill out an information sticker that has name, our names, what snacks he can eat, and the pager number. Then they stick it on his back.

Kyle picked him up from the nursery after church and was waiting for us in the foyer. He told me to look on the sticker on his back. Kyle had filled out all the correct info EXCEPT for the fact that he put his name as Slade Smart! I was like, are you serious!?! Kyle said that he was wondering why it took them a little while to bring him back to him!!!

So I guess Gunnar was really curious the whole hour why everyone was calling him Slade! Poor baby!!!

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