Monday, November 28, 2011

The Twilight Saga

This shirt makes sense to some people. Mainly the people who would camp outside of theaters. Or just regular mom's that love vampires. Average folks.

Maybe you've heard of a little set of books called The Twilight Saga...........I may or may not be on the obsessive side of loving these books. And since I love the books, it's only natural that I go see all the movies. And I might or might not be a Rob stalker, but that's a whole other blog post. Or not. Maybe I will keep the stalking to myself.

So if you live on the planet, you know that Breaking Dawn Part 1 came out on November 18th!!! Yay! It's the 4th movie of 5, which means I have to wait one whole year to see the last one. Whatever will I do!?! Anyways, Brandi and myself went to the midnight showing of the movie.

I've had the tickets for about two months and they were burning a hole in my pocket! So when that Thursday night rolled around, we were ready. My Twilight partner in crime, Nat, was not able to make it to Lubbock to watch the movie with me, but we sent each other wonderful vampire goodies to take to the movies. One of mine being this cute feather/wood headband that I'm wearing over my hat. Nat made one for Brandi and me.

And just for good times, I had to take some pics with one of Nat's favorite photos of Rob and send it to her on my phone. We love Rob. We might stalk his house.....if he owned one, but he doesn't. He just lives out of hotels. Or stays with Kristen Stewart (Nat, close your ears and don't listen to me saying that. Nat is not a KS fan.)

And I sent Nat this shirt in white (see first photo of the blog). Like I said, it has special meaning to fools like us.

Basically Brandi and I went to the movies matching. Like twins with different colored hair. Like we were kids in elementary school except we are in our thirties. My other Twilight friends got tickets to the other theater, so it was was just the Gage girls.

And this is a horrible iphone photo of me in the dark outside the movie theater. I was really really cold and the line was wrapped around the side of the entire theater. Even though I had tickets, we still had to stand in line for a great seat. We went at 9pm and stood in line. They let us inside at 10 and we sat till midnight. Yes, that's three hours. A small price to pay in the eyes of a Twilight fan. We scored good seats.

This is us waiting in the theater sometime after 10pm. Brandi played her ipad and visited with the 19 year old college girls sitting beside us. We found it hilarious that we were competing for theater seats with people born in the 90's. A normal person might be embarrassed about this fact but not a Twilight fan. We are comfortable in our decisions.

The movie was great although I was very disgruntled with the ending. Disgruntled because I was left hanging for ONE WHOLE YEAR until part 2 comes out!!! Uuugggg! But on a positive note, Brandi made friends with the 19 year old college students and it just so happens that one of them is a sitter! We need good sitters. We might need a sitter for next year when the last Twilight movie comes out.

It's never too early to plan for Rob.

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