Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three Smart Kids

Ok, so I've stuck by my word and posted tonight. We'll see if I can do it each night this week. It's not an easy task-Gunnar is fussing right now-Dad's on duty. A football just went flying by. There's a small blond girl beading necklaces. And I have my third load washing. I'm typing fast!!!

Gunnar.......He's three weeks old today (aka 21 days)! It seems like I was in the hospital just yesterday, but then again, it seems like he's always been here. He likes to be held. Really likes to be held, which means he's already rotten!!! He can still wear his newborn diapers but can also fit into a size 1. Oh my, why do they have to grow so quickly. I've been trying to keep him at home as much as possible since it's germ season, but he made his first appearance at Finley's dance class today when we picked her up. He was a sure hit. All the girls loved him!!! Oh, and Kyle is calling him G.H. and I don't like that. I think he's doing it to make me mad! I don't want him to be called initials.

Finley...........this is what happens when you let your brother drive a car through your hair. Yes, I had to cut the wheels out. She thought it was funny. I told her that it's not going to be funny in the morning when we fix her hair and she has a short sprig sticking up. You would think she'd have learned her lesson with the Christmas hamster..............

Slade.............This is what I found after I asked him to go check and see if the clothes in the dryer were still wet. He came back to report that they were dry and he took them out for me. Awesome! And then I walked into the laundry room. Nice, Slade. I wonder how clean the floor is?!?

Oh, and this is the Big Sis shirt I had made for Finley when Gunnar was born. I don't think we got a really good picture of her that day-she looked so cute. She had on tights, a frilly skirt, and her Twinkle Toe's. And if you are wondering about her hair-she has decided to grow out her bangs. We normally put a cute little clip in it but this is end of the day, post-clip. And a Happy Wednesday to all!!! Oh, and P.S. Slade just puked in the bathroom floor-gotta go!

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