Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gunnar-In Review

Posting some more pics I have of b.g. - "before Gunnar" and the day he was born. I have so many cute ones that I have to put them on here so I can see them. On another note, I came down with a terrible sore throat last night. When I woke up this morning, I could barely swallow. So I drug myself around getting everyone ready and to where they needed to be and ran to the doctor. And I was super excited to find out I have strep. Nice. Strep and a four-week-old baby that is not very happy these days. Not such a great day. I've had better. I'm waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. My poor sweet baby is having really bad gas problems and I think he has some sort of reflux so they have put him on baby Zantac. It's been a rough week around here. I just can stand to see him hurt. Hopefully things will get better. Soon. Please.

About ten days before I had Gunnar.

Posing in my sexy hospital gown.

While they rolled me to the operating room, we passed the elevators and this is who stepped out! Perfect timing!

Holding little-bit for the first time. I was scared I was going to drop him. I have some really good blood/guts pics of me during the csection that are so cool but Kyle didn't think it was appropriate to put them on my blog. Fuddy Duddy.

Thank goodness mom took this photo of me holding him at the hospital because I don't think I have one. Boy, he's sweet.

Meeting his brother and sister for the first time! I hate that I miss this part. They stamped his feet on Kyle's scrub hat, too.

Just waiting for Gunnar!

Fin and "Bubba" as she so affectionately calls him these days.

Slade and brother. He was so happy to get another boy in the family.

These are the cute cookies I had made to give to visitors in the hospital when they came to see Gunnar. I didn't make them but I packaged them myself. :)


Funky Finds said...

So sorry you & Gunnar aren't feeling well. That cannot be pleasant for either one of you :( LOVE the pics though. So sweet!!!

Jerilynn said...

I thought of you and remembered the "Finley cookies" and then laughed when I recalled what happened to the keepsake cookie! LOL Thanks for sharing the sweet pictures and the birth announcement was DELISH! loved it Ü