Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Finding a New Normal

Ok, so here's the deal. I've been busy. Really busy. I cannot get things done, much less posting on my blog. I really need to catch up-I have so many great pics and things I need to write down for myself so that I can remember them. We've had Halloween costumes, first baths, football season has ended, etc. And I'm behind. So I am going to try(and I use this word lightly because I never can seem to get things accomplished-I'm lucky to get my teeth brushed some days) to post something each night and try to catch up a bit on the Smart happenings. Kyle says we are on a mission to find our "new normal". Funny how you forget all the things that come with a brand new baby!

In the meantime, I just wanted to post a few things today. Baby Gunnar is doing well. He weighed 7lbs. 14oz. at his two week checkup. He looked great and we are so blessed that he is a healthy little baby boy! Kids are still crazy about him! We barely remember what we did without him! Ok, so we slept more, but you can't beat the feeling of a brand new baby and all the wonderful things that he brings to our family.

I do have a certain bone to pick with the little man, though. This baby likes to eat. He is eating every TWO hours and I do mean every two hours. Great for growing Gunnar, but brutal on momma at night. He's having breastmilk and formula(I don't produce large amounts, but we are doing better than any of my other attempts) and the nights can be somewhat rough. He's fine as long as he is full. So sleep is few and far between but I know he will grow fast and the getting up at 12, 2, 4, 6, etc. will be a distant memory......right!?! Kyle is helping but I do admit that I am delirious some nights, and may have been known to let him slide off my shoulder onto pillows and such. Good thing babies come out tough! Ha!

Gunnar is a pretty easy going baby. He does get gassy sometimes but is all-in-all a good baby, as long as 1.)he gets to eat on time 2.)he does not have to sit in a wet diaper-he hates this! and 3.)he is not cold after a bath. He likes to be swaddled and is taking to the bouncy seat this week. He went up to 3 ounces of milk and we do lots of gas drops. His hair is looking strawberry blondish-which is what mine looked like.

Couldn't you just eat him up!!!! He's starting to stretch out the toes of his newborn outfits-so sad, sniff, sniff. And his belly button thingy finally fell off on Saturday when he was 17 days old. I love his hair, his sweet lips, and his chunky feet and hands. Oh, and when Cari was here visiting, she pointed out a dimple! He has a little dimple on the right cheek! I so hope he keeps it-we can see it when does his face in certain expressions.

In a nutshell, we are doing well......and feeling very blessed! And I'm done typing like a mad woman because little man is in the bouncy and now he is needing assistance as we speak!!! LOL! Have a fabulous Tuesday. I cannot believe it's Tuesday. What date is it????????


Amy Holifield said...

My cousin took some sort of vitamin suppliment to produce more milk when she was pumping for twins, I could find out what it is if you're interested. He is absolutely precious, and you look well rested, whatever you may say!
PS: D'Laney nursed every two hours, around the clock, for SIX MONTHS!

Mandi Watts said...

Hang in there! This stage won't last forever--even though it may feel like it some days! He is such a sweetie!

Crystal said...

Such a cutie! By the way, you look great for nursing every two hours!

Funky Finds said...

What I really want to know in the world do you find time to fix your hair & makeup!? I don't manage that on a daily basis now that I work at home...and I only have 2 fur babies! Girl, you impress me! :)

Chey-Anne Smart said...

Ha! You guys are sweet & encouraging! Amy, I'm taking Fenugreak-if it's a different supplement, let me know. Jess, two things 1)When you have a baby, or when I have a baby, everything else looks so bad, the only thing you got going for you is hair & makeup. 2)You didn't see me yesterday......LOL!