Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pumpkin Happenings

Although I was merely days from having baby Gunnar, we still managed to get the pumpkin patch and carve two pumpkins.

The final product-I think they looked pleased about it!

Big Dad arrived just in time to dish out his carving expertise.

If I weren't so tired, I would have washed these seeds, added salt, and roasted them. But I didn't.

Finley assisting.

To my surprise, they really did a great job scraping out their pumpkins. They were excellent scrapers!

She worked and worked.

He worked and worked.

They worked and worked and worked.

Oh, and this was just a cute pic of Finley before school one morning that I had to put on here simply because she looked cute.

Kyle, Finley, and Slade posing at the pumpkin patch.

And my stomach was about the size of a pumpkin. A big one, not that little one. Aren't they quite the little jokesters..........


Jerilynn said...

Love the pumpkin patch pictures - you are such a good mama! How is "new baby" motherhood! so excited for you and your family and looking forward to more pictures and stories of the Smart Kidlets Ü

Crystal said...

So precious. I can't wait to meet baby Gunnar.