Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy 33rd birthday, Kyle! Sorry I didn't get a pic of you or the other half of your cookie cake. It was really yummy, though. My dear, sweet friend, Beth, went to the trouble of loading up her one year old and going into the mall during the "mall trick or treating" to pick up this cookie for me since I had just come home from the hospital. Yes, I owe her BIG!!!

Cute hat, even cuter baby.

Finley picked out this tiny pumpkin for baby Gunnar at Cracker Barrel before he was born. She has been saving it for him.

Starring................Slade as Mario, Cita as a lamb, Finley as Minnie Mouse, and Gunnar as a 4 day old pumpkin!

Dear Santa, please just send us money this year to replace the brass fireplace cover. GAG!!! Never knew it looked this gross until we posed by it. Hey Smarts, the 1980's called and they want their fireplace cover back................

Sweet baby pumpkin!

And one with Nana!

Happy Halloween....a bit late.

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