Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wheewww, I'm Tired!

So the good news is that we had a wonderful birthday party here at the house for Miss Finley-it was so much fun! It was a crazy busy week trying to unpack from the river, cook, clean, wash, visit, swim, shop for bday stuff, etc.

The bad news is that my hard drive crashed on my laptop and all, I repeat, all of my photos from my new Nikon were on there and the computer guy cannot retrieve them. Let this be a lesson to all-BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS! Yes, it can happen to you. I don't want to talk about it because I'm so depressed about it. So I haven't been able to post photos or blog because of the crazy week and computer problems. I will have to load my Nikon CD to Slade's computer so that I can work on my photos that are on my camera, but I will first have to find the CD. Plus, there is a connection problem on his computer and half the time it won't connect to the internet. I'm jinxed. But hopefully I will post a photo someday again. Until then, I'll hit the high points.

Finley is officially 3 and even looks older to me!

We were able to visit Slade's kinder teacher and her new baby boy! They are such a sweet family.

Slade's sunburned, peeling face recovered from the river.

I finished my photo collage in the kitchen, including frames and hanging them. They look great!

Brandi and Shane sold their house. They close a week from Tuesday.

Brandi and Shane bought a house. Yay! They can move in on August 13th!

I cooked several recipes from the Pioneer Woman for Finley's party and they were a big hit.

They party was really a blast and we had no pesky mosquito's bother us!

Kyle had a minor lapse in judgement and got Finley a new puppy for her birthday. Yes, I think working in the scalding sun has somehow got to him. More to come about the puppy story!!!


Jerilynn said...

Sorry to hear about your laptop. That stinks!!! So excited about Brandi's big move. You have to e-mail me and tell me where they are moving too...close to you?
Glad you had a fun although busy week.
Coincidence: I was at Finley's birthday when Shane told us we had an offer on our house!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the e-mail - via your mom. I'm so glad to have "found" you again! Your blog is so sweet - you are a good writer - sounds like something I said several years ago - remember? Happy BD to your darling little girl - it's nice to read about all your family. Love to all,