Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Evening Post

Since my laptop is a goner and I have no photos loaded, I will just have to write. Let me see what is newsworthy. Hmmm. We packed Brandi's house today and I am absolutely too pooped to pop. Is that how you write it? I didn't realize my sister is secretly a packrat!!! We have actually packed for the last two days since mom has been here to help. Campbell has had the pukes and green poop and fever in the middle of all this-nice. Kyle took Slade to the Monster Truck races and came home with a tshirt and earmuffs. Evidently it's very loud. Max made an escape in the laundry room and Kyle went berserk when he ran across his foot. We all got screamed at a few minutes. I wonder why the top was open......Slade? I'm sure Kyle will laugh about it....someday?Finey is loving her new puppy-sometimes too much buy smothering her and improperly carrying her. Lord, let the pup live to be 6 pounds. Oh, and did I mention what we named her? Bella. I wonder why!?!? I might have had a little to do with that. And did I mention we are dog tired? Happy Saturday.

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Kyle and Hollie said...

We need to come to your house! It would be much more interesting to than my house. Holton would love to play with all of your pets! I would love to have heard Kyle scream!!!