Sunday, July 5, 2009

Glory Hills Ranch

When we go to San Antonio, Kyle's-best friend's-father(are you confused?) graciously lets us stay at his ranch. He and his wife are planning on retiring here and have built two really neat houses. They also plan to build another I believe before it's all said and done. It is about twenty minutes outside of Helotes, close to a little place called Pipe Creek. It is a neat place-I could live there!!! I thought I would post some pics of their beautiful place they call Glory Hills Ranch from when we went on our trip a few weeks ago.

I love to take pics of the little red swing. It is as peaceful as it looks. I ordered some really neat notecards that have four pics of the ranch on them to give the Liner's as a gift for letting us stay. I cannot wait till they get here.

View of the winding little road from the front of the little house. I think it could be in a movie, this little road!

This is the big house! And grand, it is!!! I love the steps. I love the white rock! I love this house. If we bring more people with us, we get to stay here. I'm thinking we need to round up some friends.

I had to show a pic of one side of the kitchen in the big house. I am head over heels in love with the pressed tin backsplash. The dark cabinets are yummy. If I could design my own kitchen, it would be this one. I love love love this kitchen! The cabinets remind me of my favorite piece of Thomasville furniture that is in my living room. Dreamy! I could cook some mean meals in this kitchen!

This is the little rock house we stay in-it has a fabulous spiral staircase to the loft. My kids think it's the berries! It has four beds, Dish television, washer & dryer, and a kitchen with all the dishes-everything you need to be happy on vacation! I so wish I would have taken a pic of the staircase. Guess I'll just have to go back and stay again!

Our last day at the ranch, waaa, boohoo, sniff sniff!!! I don't want to leave.

The kids posing at the lookoff of a pretty spot on the ranch. It hasn't rained much this year in that area, but it looked pretty nice to a Lubbock gal!

Kyle and Fin

Deer. Big Deer. Big horns. Kyle's dream. He doesn't like to shoot them. He prefers to look at them only. He finds this quite amazing. He drives all over the ranch looking for them. Pressed tin is my love. Deer are his. Venus and Mars!?!

The infamous Mule. The favorite thing to do at the ranch (besides chase deer). Slade got to practice his driving skills. Scary thought. You really need this Mule to properly chase deer and circle the perimeter of the ranch. Boys and their toys. And no, Kyle usually does not wear a beard-he was getting a little crazy before shaving this day. You have to search hard for wildness when you turn thirty and have two kids. This might be in the form of a foo-man-choo for him or blue fingernail polish for me. Rebels we are!

And I had to include this pic of Slade and Finley outside of Gruene Hall-oldest dance hall in Texas! We also ate at the Gristmill and I had onion rings for my friend, Beth. I'm sorry they went on my rear instead of hers, though. Paybacks, girl, paybacks.


Jerilynn said...

What an awesome place. I wish I could afford to be preparing my retirement place and letting all my friends stay there in the mean time.....that must be the life. I can barely afford one roof. LOL!

Funky Finds said...

What a nice place! Of course it is if it's the Liner's! :) I remember driving around looking @ deer many a time with Kyle. Good times!

Rodger Ciliberto said...

Heh, it's easy to understand why one would want to retire in a place like that. The environment there is beautiful and peaceful. There's a wealth of space to explore, and alternatively, a lot of space to stretch out and relax.