Saturday, July 4, 2009

Red, White, & Blue Day!

Happy 4th of July! We are home resting from our morning festivities. We went to the Fourth on Broadway Parade at 9am. It was great weather and didn't feel hot till around eleven. Last night we popped firecrackers with the Glover bunch and the kiddos loved that-almost as much as Kyle did! We had a few small fires that had to be stomped out, but luckily no call to the fire department had to be placed. I think that we will go up the park tonight and watch the big event-major fireworks that are pretty cool. They are quite the big deal here in the Hub!
Say Cheese! We are getting ready for the parade to begin.

Daddy and his kiddos.

Ok, so I must slip in my little story of the deal that I stumbled across at Hobby Lobby. All the garden things were 60% off, so I quickly strolled down the isle. I saw these cute little condiment bowls that were so adorable. The box was in bad shape, but nothing seemed to be wrong with them. They were on clearance for 7 bucks! I decided then and there I needed them-just in time for Finley's birthday party!

Then to my surprise and absolute satisfaction, I found this plate in the bottom of the really beat-up box when I got home and unpacked the bowls! I was soooo excited. It is the base for the little bowls to sit on and I hadn't even noticed it was there. How cute is that?!? Even better for only 7 bucks! I call it a steal! I felt like it was Christmas and I just looked in my stocking!

And here they are on the hidden tray! I can use them separate or together! Snap!

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