Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Call Me Mrs. Happy Pants!

Do I look happy in this photo? Well, there are many reasons today that contribute to my happiness.

1. The first being that I got onto Walgreens photo, checked my account, and I have MANY more photos on there than I first thought-which include Slade's bday, Christmas, San Antonio trip, and Thanksgiving. Hallelujah!!! I'm a happy camper tonight. Let me repeat.......BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS!!!

2. My wonderful and might I say talented friend, Jerilyn over at made me this dandy new header! Isn't it super cute!?! And are you proud of me, Jerilyn, that I just did a "link". She is awesome and cooks really good, too!

3. I started and finished the new Janet Evanovich novel, "Fingerlickin' Fifteen" in two nights, ok three nights. (I know you are supposed to underline book titles, Mrs. V-P, but I can't find the underline button on here.) These are a series of books called the Stephanie Plum novels. They are hilarious! She is a bounty hunter in New Jersey that gets into all kinds of mishaps. There are 15 in the series, hence the number in the title, and you do not have to read them in order. They will keep you in stitches!!! I often laugh out loud to myself while reading them and then look around to see if anyone was watching.

4. I gained a pound last week after eating chicken salad sandwiches from Appletree three times in four days, at least two cups of Beth's artichoke dip, and two lemon bars. Oh, never mind, I'm not happy about that. My mistake. But the dip was absolutely delish!

5. I have my laptop back. I'm not very happy with this DELL Inspiron E1505 which they do not make any longer (for good reason). I do not recommend a DELL Inspiron laptop-EVER! Mine has been an absolute lemon. If there was a rating scale of lemons, my DELL would be a large Florida lemon tree. I am using it for awhile, as I look for another laptop that won't eat photos. That won't freeze. That will pick up my wireless printer signal. That won't have me making the computer man's house payment because I have to call him all the time. Is that so much to ask?Any suggestions on computer brands? What do you guys recommend? I am happy, though, with Mike Scarpa, my computer man for hooking me up with the new hard drive and being super nice. ACR Solutions if anyone here in Lubbock needs a computer fixer man. And there's a really cute dude that sits in the office that is friendly, as well.

6. We get to go to Ruidoso on Friday!!!


Jerilynn said...

Thanks girl for the shout out! It was fun chatting with you yesterday. Have a great time in Ruidoso and wishing you safe travels.

Funky Finds said...

Your blog looks super cute! And I'm so jealous that you had lemon brownies & I didn't. Beg your mom to send me a batch! :-D

Anonymous said...

Don't worry - I no longer worry about such things as book titles, etc. - too trivial for me! But I thought it was just kinda sweet that you mentioned it in your blog which, by the way, I enjoy very much. Keep writing. Love, Charlena aka Mrs. V-P