Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Out with the Old.......

So you all know that I am extremely sentimental these days. It's a flaw in my personality seeing that it causes me much grief. I have discovered that I can manage to be sad about most things that involve putting away "baby" things. And yes, I have sunk to a new low of letting a diaper bag get the best of me! Yes, you heard it right-the pink paisley diaper bag had to be retired. I was so very sad to put in out of it's misery. My sister bought it for me when I had Finley and it had a brilliant life span of two years and two months. Gosh it was a great bag, but had seen better days. The plastic was torn on the edges, the inside was stained all sorts of colors, and it smelled of old crackers. Is there some reason why I'm acting as though it was alive? Not sure what's wrong with me there-bare with me. I had to just chunk it actually. Like, seriously, I put it in a garbage bag and took it to the dumpster so I wouldn't think about climbing into the dumpster to rescue it. In honor of the pink paisley bag, or PPB as I will now refer to it, I purchased a new "big girl" bag and had it monogrammed and everything. It also has a matching zip pouch for the little goodies-combs, rubber bands, Tylenol, etc. It is a great bag, smaller than the PPB, but that's what I wanted. I needed to downsize. I am happy with the cute little bag-it makes my heart happy. But what makes me even happier is to know that it has little pockets on each side that deeply resemble bottle holders. Oh, that tickles my heart. Yes, I will be putting sippy cups and Capri Suns in there, but I can pretend it's for a bottle for my sentimental pleasure. I mean, maybe I might need to put Campbell's, baby Well's, or baby Youngblood's bottle in there one day, right? It could happen. I vow to never write about PPB again. I will only have the pics of it on blog and in my heart. And most of all, to all my readers and friends, I promise to never blog about a darn bag again! Jeeeezzzzz, PA-THE-TIC.

PS-Cheers to those extra special cellophaned, silver foil star wrapped, Sprite canned, stale popcorned, plastic happy-mealed sunglasses, Kindergarten Halloween goodie bags. Right T and J???????

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Tracy said...

See, that is why you blog so the kids can go back and see how sentimental you were. They'll appreciate it so much one day! :-)

And as for those goodie bags...well I'll be having my ruler ready to see if Macy's was indeed the right dimensions...
As if.