Friday, October 10, 2008

Tag - You're It!

Tag is a common game that comes and goes. I know I have not accumulated many blog friends, so I'll try to tag at least 4 or 5 folks. Maybe they'll answer. Wish me luck. You should do the same. Let's make it fun!

1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Write 6 random things about yourself.
3. Tag 0-6 people at the end of your post.
4. Pass on the tag.

Here are my 6 random facts

1. I got my first set of braces on my bottom teeth when I was 28 years old and was pregnant with Finley. It was absolutely miserable because I could only take Tylenol since I was expecting, and every time they tightened them I cried! It hurt so bad-I really needed some Advil for the pain. I once left school I was so miserable and made them cut the wire. The ortho thought I was overly sensitive because of the extra blood you accumulate when your pregnant. They are straight now, but I can't say I'd do it again.

2. I collect Fiestaware. I have cabinets of it and have most of the retired colors. My husband told me I cannot purchase anymore because we've run out of space for it. I love all the neat colors!

3. I have a picture of the doctor sewing up my uterus during my csection. I made the nurse take pictures with my camera bc Kyle was grossed out and wouldn't look. I know that is sick, but I love it. I wish I had a video of it-I think it's soooo coool! Yes, I'm strange.

4. I once busted a tube of Superglue in my eye and it glued my contact to the inside lid. It wasn't pretty but they salvaged my eye. Thank you, Lord.

5. I met Sandra Day O'Conner in New Mexico a few years ago. She was visiting the family that are neighbors to Ramma's cabin in Uppercanyon. I even have a picture with her.

6. I was baptized in the Pecos River. It was one summer at Church Camp. Really neat.

I am tagging the following people (in the hopes that they might read my blog and it will look like I have some friends):

Jessica Hood
Bethany Fields
Hollie Hendrix
Starla Warren
Crystal Amthor


Anonymous said...

I love you!

Love, Mom

Funky Finds said...

Man, there are too many bizarre things about myself to post for the world to read! LOL

Tracy said...

Ok, I thought I was the only one who is obsessed w/c-section pics. I only have four (not anything cool like sewing though) and they are right up there w/my fav pics ever!