Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hodge Podge Blog

Let's see. What shall I blog tonight? Hmmmmm. I made four necklaces today with my friend, Ang. I love to say Ang because Kyle thinks it is so funny. Angela will call and leave me a message on the answering machine and say, "Hey, this is Ang!" Evidently that just tickles Kyle for her to say Ang. He's a nut. What else. Finley is on the mend but still snotty. I know you couldn't sleep tonight without knowing my child's mucus factor. I'll move on. Slade learned his five lines of poetry for his "Memorization Monday" lesson. We were singing it tonight in opera voices and everyone thought that was funny. What can I say, it doesn't take much to entertain the Smart's.

Ok, I know a great story to tell. Where do I start this. Paige is a girl on my blog that is from Iraan. She has three sweet little girls. I hope she doesn't mind me posting this. Hey Paige! Ok, so follow me. Her mom is a teacher in Iraan and she actually taught first grade when I was in first grade, but I had Miss Shultz. Beside the point I know, but you know how small town people are. Anyways, Paige's mom, Mrs. Sigmon, had her knee operated on a few weeks ago. From what I understand, it wasn't a replacement, but they worked on things and cleaned away cartilage and such. Today my mom saw Mrs. Sigmon and was telling me the story she told her. So picture this-she's waking up in her room after surgery and sort of starts to think about which knee is hurting. She flips the sheet back and looks at her freshly operated knee. Yep, there is one knee all bandaged up and the other knee is marked "This One" with a big X on it. They did the WRONG knee. Needless to say, she is getting the "right one" done tomorrow - free of charge I might add. See people, these things so happen to people you really know. Can you imagine??? I hope when Paige reads this, I got all the major details in the story. But I thought that was worth a blog. I also have a funny tidbit about Mrs. Sigmon. When I was in first grade, she was pregnant with her son. I vividly remember that we all got to send her a list of names that we wanted her to name her baby. I picked Jonathan. I just knew she would love that name. And do you know what, they named him Cade!!!! I cannot believe I remember that, but I do like it was yesterday. Everyone say a little prayer tonight for Mrs. Sigmon and her surgery, and I'll forgive her for not picking my baby name, haha!!!

I'm working on the stocking. I did five snowflakes. We still have a ways to go, but it's gonna be cute. We had a guy come and give us an estimate for windows in Finley's room. It is so cold in her room and the one's she has are evidently made of tissue paper. If anyone would like to donate to the window replacement cause, please contact me from the hours of 8am to 5pm or call your local City Bank locations. All donations are tax deductible. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell this little tidbit to Pam. You see, Pam always thinks it's so funny that I can find someone from somewhere that I know everywhere I go. We'll tonight, the guy that gave us the window estimate of course knows someone I do. His daughter is married to Terry Smith's (Cooper Central Office) son. Terry is also the aunt of my really good friend, Shana. Small world.

I leave you with the joke of the night. Two lions broke loose from the zoo and were eating a clown. One lion said to the other......"Does this taste funny to you?"


Anonymous said...

Hey I could use some new windows too. I'll take the leftover funds. Just so you know Sarah is beginning to experience what I do with you knowing everyone. Whenever we are out and I talk to someone under the age of about 25 she will say "I know... They were in your class in third grade."
Love to you all.

The Boyd Gang said...

You got all the major detail right! Mom made it through the surgery just fine and is doing great. Now both knees are as good as new. I plan to start my stocking TONIGHT....I really am going to start!

Jerilynn said...

A post about necklaces is useless without pictures!!!!