Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mom of the Year Award

We had a bad morning here at the Smart house yesterday with a little incident. It was hectic-we were all trying to get ready for Slade's soccer game, and Mom and Nana were here, too. Let me set the scene. We needed to hurry and get breakfast, go check Brandi's dogs that I was sitting for the weekend, it was pouring rain outside, trying to find umbrellas to take to the game, locate the Off so we didn't get eaten alive, round up the lawn chairs, fill Slade's water bottle, etc.

I was working on getting Finley ready. I usually brush her teeth and then put her hair in piggies and curl the ends. I have a double sink in my bathroom and I had her standing at the left side. I was brushing her teeth and she was standing up. In a matter of maybe 2 seconds, I rinsed her brush out and she starting jumping. She jumped twice, fell back into the other sink on the right, and fell back into it right onto the curling iron. Yes-in 4 seconds total. I jerked her off the sink before she even knew it was burning her. It was too late-it was burned white already. I ran to the kitchen and put it under cold water. She was screaming-it was awful. Kyle started screaming at me that is was my fault the curling iron was on. (typical man) I was crying and shaking as I was trying to put the cold aloe vera from my fringe. It burned about a two inch span across the back of her right elbow. I just hope it doesn't scar her. I feel so bad-you know how awful a burn feels. She did really good all day with it and we just kept it clean. Today is looks a little less dramatic. Maybe it won't be so bad and will heal up since she is so little. I don't get the Mom of the Year Award today. I feel horrible.

The game went on without anymore mishaps, and Slade did manage to make his first goal of the season-hurray!! They got beat, but they played really hard. The other team was quick and our little ones were awfully tired. It just sprinkled a bit during the game-thank you, Jennifer, for the umbrella. BTW-one of the mom's at the game saw Finley's arm and I was telling her the story. She said her best friend is a nurse and she told her the next time you get burned to immediately put bleach on a cloth and hold it onto the burn. It supposedly takes the burn out and it heals quicker. Not sure if I have the guts to try that, but let me know if anyone else has heard if that working.


Jerilynn said...

When I read this..."go check Brandi's dogs that I was sitting for the weekend"
I thought - I bet she really misses me!

Jerilynn said...

I meant that you were missing me...not Brandi LOL!
poor thing - you did have a rough start.

Funky Finds said...

man, stories like this aren't convincing me to hurry up & have kiddos! LOL ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm leaving my anonymous your blogs.
- Guess who?