Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ruidoso Cabins June 2013

At least two months before school was out, I called Aunt Mimi and had our name on the list at Ramma's cabin for the week after school was out. Gunnar, Finley, & I left on Wednesday morning. We  were going to meet Nana and Mom there that afternoon. Kyle, Slade, and our little friend from Midland, Jackson, were coming Thursday night. Kyle had to work and Slade was finishing basketball camp. We left Wednesday morning around 10. By the time I got to Plains, TX, Gunnar had spilled his entire drink in the floor and was throwing a fit(he's a horrible car rider) and I had to pull over to put a movie in my laptop. There I discovered that my disk drive didn't work and it spit out a cardboard Nike clothing tag. I wonder who did this??? Gunnar. cough. cough.

 We finally arrived after lunch just in time to let the wild hog out of his carseat and into the river! The river was super low because Ruidoso is so dry, but it actually was perfect for my bunch. Just enough water that I didn't have to worry about G man falling in!

Finley, G, and I grabbed a bite of dinner at our fav dive, Lincoln County Grill while we waited on Mom and Nana to get into town.

Played with some Play-doh! Cita & Nana finally got there around dinner time. Yay!

Either that afternoon or the next day, it started raining and actually hailed!!! It was crazy! The boys arrived Thursday night late.

The next few days consisted of pure fun. There were lots of hikes with big sticks!

Hours and hours of playing in the river.

Hello, River Keeper!

A little bling on the shirt and river shoes are the perfect combo.

We had a special guest come to the cabin at night. Kyle had to shoo him away several times.

We made the first homemade chocolate ice cream of the summer.

Everyone loved their creamy, sweet goodness.

A goofy family photo.

More Lincoln County Grill breakfast.

Him and his Inny-Mouse love pancakes.

Photo outside of the Thunderbird. Everyone must make a trip to the Thunderbird while at the cabins. Jackson and Slade picked out sling shots (Slade's yearly fav), Finley got a shirt and drum, and Gunnar picked a stuffed black bear wearing a yellow t-shirt. Basically the Thunderbird is a shop full of junk. Fun junk, but junk.

Finley & I worked on and completed this puzzle. She is really great at puzzle working.

Flipping out of the hammock.

Oh, and let's not forget Fun Trackers.

Slade driving his cart.

And Jackson on his cart.

Sweet boys!

Put-Put golf

Gunnar was very concerned that he could not take the club or the ball home.

Kyle even got to test out the adult track.

Water wars!

Gunnar cried when Kyle rode the carts and would cry for him every time he zoomed by.

Nana & I played Scrabble at night.

Slade and Jackson playing on the iphone.

Cita and G playing the Cootie game.

Finley had some chips and salsa for her night snack.

Silly boys.

The building of the log fort.

I like this one because G is in his diaper, complete with shoes! Ha!

More hiking/exploring down the river.

Nana & Cita headed home Saturday and we stayed till Sunday. It was a most wonderful trip. I could have stayed another two weeks!!!


Mandi Watts said...

This looks amazing!

The Boyd Gang said...

LOVE your photos! So glad you had such a wonderful babysitter for Gunnar!