Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday, Finley!!!

 My one and only gal turned SEVEN on Saturday!

 We started out on Friday night, letting her open her presents from us after Slade's baseball game and dinner. Cita and Nana were here to help us celebrate!

 She looks so old in this pic! Sniff, sniff!

 We also ate Finley's chocolate cake, made by Nana in the traditional mini cake pan. I guess the pic is on my phone.

 Somebody was really enjoying the festivities!

 Saturday morning, Finny awoke to lots of balloons.......

 And someone was a grump.

 She was tired and needed more beauty sleep, I guess.

 G man was confused for a minute.

 And then he wents nuts and decided he loved the balloons! Today he has them all gathered in his room!

 Finley's chocolate doughnut breakfast. We all got ready and headed to Art & Company. Her party was 10-12.

 When we arrived, all the canvases were set up and waiting for some girls to have fun!!!

 Cita, Fin, & Nana waiting on the guests.

 Ms. Kim, the art teacher, wrote Finley's name on the board.

 Everyone could use markers and crayons till all the guests arrived.

 And then the fun began........

 Finley picked a cute zebra purse. Each girl got to pick her background color.

 I just love this photo. She's an artist, hard at work!!!

 The teacher was so great with the little artist.

 Slade drew for a little while.

 Even Gunnar was able to create a masterpiece!

 Then they stopped and took a cupcake birthday break.

 Finley's beautiful cupcake palette!

 Her plates worked perfectly with her purse canvas.

 Just an FYI, seven candles might be too many candles for one cupcake.

 Sweet birthday girl.

 The gangs all here.

 And back to painting.

 Then we had a present opening break. Finley received all things art related and was very pleased with her loot.
  After some finishing touches with Ms. Kim's glue gun, the art was complete. The birthday group....Kariden, Avery, Kendall, Finley, Camille, Lucy, Sarah, Campbell, Gunnar, & Rachel. Emma left early for a game.

 I think she was happy. It was a fantastic party!

 Finley, 7 years old!

I sure am glad I had a girl!

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