Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Boys of Summer

 Bob, Ben, & Slade
These three decided to play baseball this summer.....for the first time EVER!!! And so began our summer of Pirate Baseball! They had a blast, actually. About 7 from their grade played on the same team. They had lots of folks to visit with (we are missing Payton, Hudson, & Lincoln). I'm not sure that there was three years total of baseball experience between the 7 of them! LOL! And Ben's dad is the Texas Tech baseball coach, which is funny in itself. Ben's game has been basketball from what I understand. Don't worry, though, Ben seems to be quite a little baseball player it seems! We had some home runs from all of the boys. Another fun fact-their coach took my bridal photos, once upon a time. So weird, right?!?

Pirates Forever...........or for two months this summer at least.

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