Friday, July 26, 2013

San Antonio Wedding

We were able to escape to San Antonio the weekend of June 22nd for Kyle's friend, Russ' wedding. I wasn't too jazzed to go because it was alot of work getting everyone packed, shopping for clothes, etc. But I am soooooo glad I ended up going. We really had a great time. We dropped the kids off at the ranch and hit the Interstate to San Antonio.

Kyle's brother and his wife and us right before the wedding. Kyle was the best man. The wedding was at La Cantera, the golf resort, and it was beautiful. We stayed three nights which means I got three days of nobody needing me!!!

 Russ and Kyle at the rehearsal dinner. They played a slide show that had some sweet pics of Kyle and Russ when they were little boys.

 The groom and best man.

 This is where the reception was held.

 Russ, Ken, Kyle at one of the golf days.

 The view from our room-we had 2 balconies!!!

 The bride and groom.

 Me at the rehearsal dinner.

 A Bunch of Morton, TX wild men. Ken, John, Russ, Kyle.

 Russ' daughter, London-she was a flower girl.

 The lemon centerpieces were neat. All these photos are phone photos because I forgot my camera. The colors were black, white, and touches of yellow.

 Kyle and the bride, Emily

 This was at the rehearsal dinner-a blessing tree. You could write them a sweet note on the card and hang it on the tree. I loved this!

 Candy bar

Kyle swimming in one of the 8 pools! It was so pretty. The night of the wedding, we danced till midnight and then went back to the pool and swam and visited till 2 am! The pools were open all night. We had the best time! I got to go shopping. We ate at some fav places. I was so glad I ended up going and it was a great break from my kiddos. It was one of the best weddings I've been to. When we got back to pick up the kids at the ranch, I walked through the door and Gunnar started crying! He didn't want to leave Cita's house! LOL! Evidently everyone had a great time!!!

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