Thursday, June 27, 2013

More May 2013 Happenings

I was looking through my pics and here are some things from May that I had not added.........

It was our elementary school's 25th anniversary. The PTA asked Kyle work on this project of our anniversary bricks in front of the school. He did a beautiful job and ended up donating the entire job! Way to go, Daddy! It looks great!

Teachers, students, and former students were able to purchase bricks this year that would be placed in the front entry yard.

Somehow, Finley & Slade's brick got a great spot right in the front?!? haha!

We registered Slade for Ceta Canyon church camp. He will be gone 5 days in July!!! I am having to cut the apron strings on this one-it will be his first time away from home that long. Sniff, sniff.

Someone was sick with RSV and then it turned into pneumonia. What the heck, Gunnar???

My flowers for Mother's Day. I came down with the stomach bug that all three of my kids had the week before. I was in bed the entire Mother's Day weekend. Thank you, sweet children. I got a beautiful watch from my sweeties, though.

Campbell graduated from her preschool. She will be in kinder next year!

Nana and the kids after graduation.

Kyle tore out the backyard which has led to many mud fights.

 Gunnar and I went up to the big kids play day the week before school was out. It was hot!

 Finley and Mary Catherine-the Coronado Pom squad came to the play day to perform. Mary Catherine is also one of Slade's friend's sister. She dances at Dance Gallery and Finley thinks she is pretty cool.

Crazy 4th grade boys.

Crazy 4th grade boys and the pretty pom squad.

 We joined a pool that is close to us for the summer. So far, best money we've spent in a long time. We are enjoying it!
Technically this is the first week in June. Kyle was gone one night so Shauna and her kids came and spent the night with us. We went to the pool and hung out at the house.

Gunnar and Owen needed some chocolate milk before bed. Shauna and I watched episodes of Mad Men on Netflix. The other kids played. It was great.

Finley and I got our toes done.

And Slade went to Coronado basketball camp the week after school was out. Man, I'm already tired! And June has been busy, too. No rest, I tell you, no rest!!!

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