Monday, January 21, 2013

Slade's Birthday, Part 1

Even though he was not born until after lunch at 12:44, he woke up on Thursday to green & gold balloons in his bed! We were going for the camo theme but there were no brown balloons at WalMart.

 He also lost a tooth the night before, but he forgot to put it under his pillow with all the birthday excitement.

 Kyle brought him a special birthday breakfast-his favorite Chick Fill a breakfast biscuit!

 I made cinnamon crisp cookies for his classroom. Finley helped me wrap them all up individually with camo ribbon and he passed them out when they left school that afternoon.

 Somebody with bed head loved loved loved the balloons.

 When Kyle came home from work, we had birthday dinner and opened presents. Slade requested his favorite that I make-homemade chicken strips with mashed potatoes. We also had cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, and rolls. I never fry anything, so chicken strips are a treat around here!

Birthday present time!

 Kyle picked out two new jogging suit outfits for him. It's what all the 4th graders are wearing now. Since he only had two, and wore them every other day, the new outfits were welcomed by us all!

 His BIG present was his new laptop! Cita and Nana went in on this with us. I was particularly excited because he has taken over my Mac laptop and I never get to use my own computer. So he was getting a computer whether he wanted one or not. And he loved it! He also got some new Nike socks, an airsoft rifle, a camo tent/sleeping back, a shooting game, and cash. He was one lucky boy!

 Nana brought him his mini cake when they arrived after dinner. He gobbled it right up and none of us even got a taste!

Ten Terrific Years!!!

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