Tuesday, January 8, 2013

School Parties Or Party......

For some reason, my photos are not spacing in the correct order and it's really on my nerves! Oh well, here it goes, in no particular order.......

Finley is working on her shaving cream snowman at her Kindergarten Christmas Party. 

Here's the letter that started the puppy ordeal, fiasco, or whatever you want to call it. Santa is still on the naughty list.
This is Gunnar chasing bubbles in his school room one afternoon in December when I came to pick him up. I love to watch them when they don't know you are there!

Finley all dressed up the morning of her school party. Here's the deal with the parties.....I went to Finley's on the Wednesday before school was out. I didn't go to Gunnar's on Thursday because it was at a time where I would have had to leave him there and I was afraid that my being at school and leaving him there would ruin his day-and the teacher's. They just have a little snack and exchange a book so I didn't feel too bad for not going. And poor Slade missed his fourth grade party. He woke up with the upset stomach! Of all days! He was bummed!!!

 Finley and Kyle

Finley and I at the library during her party. I cannot believe that half of the school year is gone!!!

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