Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sicky Sicky

I had every intention of getting all my Christmas photos and Gunnar's bday pics blogged and then it happened.............

The FLU! It arrived just in time to ruin our week!!! I've been doing alot of holding this boy all week. It's not been the best of times this week at our house. Here's the story. All last weekend Finley ran fever and laid around. She said nothing hurt but she was just cold and tired. No other symptoms besides fever, so I figured she caught a cold. On Sunday night, Gunnar started running fever. I thought he caught Finley's cold. We didn't have school on Monday, so the baby I keep(have I mentioned I keep a baby on M/W/F?) came and I had a house full of kids. Monday night, we woke up to Gunnar running 103 and we finally got it to go down by about 6 that morning. Of course, I couldn't send him to school (sadly, bc momma needs a break) but Slade and Fin got ready and went. Finley at this point is still dragging, but no fever and just is tired. I called my drs office and made G an appointment because I figured he needed his ears checked just to make sure we weren't sitting around with ear infections. At this point, he still only has fever, nothing else. At the drs office, she wanted to swab him for the flu and I was thinking that he doesn't have flu, but whatever. Well......ten minutes later she comes back and tells me he has the flu AND rsv. WHAT?!?! That is crazy! We figured that Finley also had the flu that weekend and probably passed it to Gunnar. Super. Another week in the house!!! And the baby was exposed on Monday and she couldn't come Wednesday or Friday.

None of us have ever had the flu. So I rushed to the health food store. We've been taking Oscillococcinum.

 Poor Gunnar has been on this and Tylenol and Motrin every three hours.

 I've also got the entire family on these.

 And some of this. Yes, I have germ issues. But I really don't want the rest of us to get sick.

 Night time and nap time has been a nightmare. Gunnar looks like a baby in this photo-funny! As miserable as it has been, I'm so thankful that he and Fin only had fever symptoms. And as far as the rsv, he hasn't coughed at all. Very strange!?! He's just been a grump.

 I felt horrible that I didn't know Finley had the flu. She came home from school on Tuesday and Wednesday, worn out. She fell asleep Wednesday and slept several hours, which is very NOT like her. So I decided to keep her home with Gunnar on Thursday and let her rest. They both haven't had an appetite and are so tired.  Fin stayed in her jammies all day on Thursday.

I'm pretty sure Gunnar has lived on chocolate milk the past two weeks. I'm hoping his appetite will return soon! He's on the last day of his meds while I continue to clean, spray, and pump us full of vitamins!!! And as far as myself, I have been with a child/children since December 21st and it's starting to  wear me down. I really, really need a day to run errands and frankly just get out of this darn house!!!! House arrest is no fun! Please excuse me while I spray Lysol.

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