Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Slade's Birthday, Part 2

Slade wanted to have a slumber party for his birthday. I told him he could ask two people. Well, two turned into three and three turned into four. We ended up having 5 including Slade. It was definitely a house full. We were busting at the seams!

 Slade wanted to have an air soft gun party. The big thing around here are air soft guns. All the boys love them. It's kind of like the new age BB gun. All I can think of is Ralphie...."you'll shoot your eye out, kid!" Boys and their toys.

I had a lady make these awesome camo cupcakes for the boys.

 This inside was even camo! They were perfect!

 Here are the boys before they headed out to Kyle's shop. We are missing one-he came later after a basketball game. I had the boys cover one of their eyes. I told them if they didn't wear their goggles at all times, this is how it would be not to have one eye if it got shot out. I'm a crazy mom like that, but they did keep their goggles on. (I did have all parents approval of the shooting of the air soft guns.)

 Bob, Payton, Slade, Ben, & Jackson

 For hours, the boys worked and worked on their "forts". Jackson and Slade enjoyed driving the golf carts all over.

Slade and Jackson were on one team and the other three were together. Kyle said he didn't realize that the game was 95% preparation and 5% shooting. It was so funny because they really didn't shoot that much, they just worked on their forts the entire time!!!

And we did have a slight problem during the party. Seems that the smoke bomb that Ben brought actually did have a spark. Everyone thought it only produced smoke. Yep, we started a little fire.

 The fire loved the dead grass and the little fire became a big fire that Kyle could not put out. The Woodrow Fire Department had to come put out the fire.

If the wind had been blowing that day, we would have not had a good outcome. Ben's mother was horrified. We were horrified that a fire started while we had other people's kids with us. It was a lesson that they will not soon forget. Kyle said their eyes were as big as saucers. Us Smart's like some excitement at our birthday parties, what can I say.

 Not to worry, though. We had the fire put out and continued the air soft gun party. That's how we roll. After it got too dark to shoot, we went and ate pizza at Cici's and they played Minecraft in Slade's room into the wee hours of the morning. Two of the boys didn't sleep a wink actually. They were rockstars!

And in the words of Bob, "Slade had one EPIC party!" Yes, Bob, yes he did.
(Special thanks to the Woodrow Volunteer Fire Department)

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