Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Happenings.........

I'm still working my way through my May photos. Here's just a few of this and that.

Somehow the girls talked Aunt B into taking them to Sweet & Sassy to get their nails done.

Aunt B can be talked into lots of fun things. They came home with toe rings and glitter on their faces.

Ahhhhh, the good life.

Finley's class on the end of year fun day. They went to Main Event.

 Avery, Fin, Kendall, & Grace - They all did some bowling. It was interesting. One of the boys beat Ms. Linda's score!!! I think he has a future in bowling. It was raining cats and dogs when we got there. Kyle took Gunnar to work with him so I could go with Fin. Afterwards, Kendall (tall, pink shirt), came home with us to play that afternoon.

Starting to catch the summer fever. Isn't it sad we don't have a pool..........

Went with mom and did some shopping. She's upgrading her wardrobe.

Gunnar is in pure heaven when he gets 1) a four-pack of Spray Away and 2) brand new cleaning rags.

The really cool knives that mom bought me for Mother's day!

G enjoying an orange push-up! Realllllly enjoying it.

The Graduate.......minus Mrs. Robinson and Dustin Hoffman.

Baby Parker, Kyle, & G-My friend, Melissa, brought us dinner when dad was here for his surgery and we got to play with Parker. Beth also brought us dinner and we played with Baby Laney. We enjoyed playing with infants that week.

And this is just funny.

Cita with her Smart grands before church.

And the four people I love most in life. Carrying the three small ones for a total of 27months + puking, one gallbladder attack, a month of bedrest, and giving birth via csection x 3 tends to make one pretty attached. I love 'em just because their mine.

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