Monday, June 4, 2012

Finley's Lakeridge Kinder Graduation

On May 11th, Finley graduated from Lakeridge Kindergarten. It was kind of a big deal!!!

They had an wonderful program for just the Kindergarten class.

Class of 2024........Not sure what to make of that. It better take a looooonnnngggg time to get to that point!

Daddy got her a pretty necklace from James Avery.

 We thought she could put it on her charm bracelet one day when she gets older.

The crew. Mistake #1-taking Gunnar to graduation. Yes, my bad. At one point he dumped the entire contents of a bag of craisens in my lap during the ceremony. Then thought it was perfectly fine to run up and down the pews. He had to leave in the middle.

 It took Finley about three songs to warm up. She just stood and smiled and we thought she might be frozen. But she thawed.

Mrs. Rankin giving Finley her diploma. She wants to be a singer!

 Mrs. Rankin and Finley-she was an awesome teacher-we were so blessed!

 All kinds of family photos.

 Finley's self portrait.

 Having refreshments after the ceremony!

And precious Ms. Linda and Finley. We sure are going to miss this class next year!!!

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