Sunday, May 6, 2012

Life in Progress.......

Pardon this terrible iphone photo.........Anyways, we've been trying some new hair-do's around here. Finley & I liked this double bun twist thingy-it looks especially cute on her when she goes to dance! I found the little flowers here in town for about $2 per flower! I think I should go back and buy every color! And speaking of dance, I attended a 2 hour dance meeting on Friday night getting ready for the big recital in June!  Her recital will be held at a different venue for the first time in over 30 years of the Dance Gallery, so it all will be new. And this being my third recital, I was just getting the hang of it! Ha! I just love her recitals and can't wait for the best rendition of Barnyard Boogie that has ever been performed!!!

And can I just say that we have been busy bees around here, hence the sporadic blog posts! My dad had a hip replacement last Monday here in Lubbock. He's doing great and my parents are staying with my sister till the end of next week. That has been a special treat for the kids, having them around. We've had teacher luncheons, field trips, basketball parties, meetings, errands, and just about everything else in between going on! I've painted my living room-it's a work in progress. One of my friends had a new baby that was in NICU for two weeks, but is finally home! Yay! Welcome, Baby Ellis! I actually got to see three movies in the last two weeks, one being a date night with Kyle! Which is very rare! And I could go on and on! Just gotta love May! And best of all, the Lord blessed us with some rain last weekend! I've never been so happy to see my back porch fill up! Please send more, without the hail next time, though!!! Although we will take moisture in any form!!! I hope everyone has a happy week!!!

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