Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day Tea

I was invited to the best Mother's Day Tea ever! 

This chick had a very special day planned for me. Her class hosted a tea for the moms. It was perfect!

The tables were decorated so pretty. There was a frame with our photo, a handmade placemat, my favorite candy (Twix), chocolate covered strawberries, and a gift. It was a hand painted plate that Finley made me when she went on a Dad's only fieldtrip to an art place. It has been the best kept secret for months!

The kids even helped make the white chocolate bowls that the strawberries sat in!

Finley and Mom
 We had a fight the night before about what she was going to wear. I won(this time). The thought of her teenage years is scaring me. I just block it out. When she's fifteen, I will just think back to when she made me the sweetest Mother's Day plate and smile.

Finley served me cucumber sandwiches, cookies, and yummy tea. 

It was most excellent! I've never felt so honored!!!

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