Monday, March 5, 2012

Chicken Pesto Pizza

I'm trying to avoid tomato sauce so my new favorite substitute has been pesto sauce! It is great on multi-grain pasta and it's really tasty on pizza.

I was craving some pizza and this is what I came up with-pesto chicken pizza! Yummy!

I love wheat crust and this worked great.

I've tried many different pestos and basically I like them all. I chose this one on the pizza grocery store trip and it tasted great. I've also looked into making pesto-the recipe looks easy! Maybe next time. All I did was spread the pesto on the wheat crust, added some cooked shredded chicken, fresh sliced mushrooms, and grated cheese. I think I had a Mexican blend of cheeses in the fridge that day, but I would use a mozzarella blend next time. I baked it till it looked crispy on the edges and it was very yummy! I want to try several different combinations in my future pizza making!

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Anonymous said...

Yuuuuummmmm!!!! Looks great!