Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Purple Eye & How Things Have Changed

Finley Smart jumps. She jumps a bunch. She jumps off beds, couches, tables, slides, etc. And she has been warned many, many times. But she just doesn't listen.

On Sunday, she propelled herself off my bed right into the window sill. It swelled up like a big marble, but luck was on her side because it looked really close to splitting it open. That would have definitely required stitches.

And a few days later, she ended up with a big purple eyelid! Battle scars-gotta love them!

This is Purple Eye painting some cute magnets-she wanted me to take a picture of her with my phone! Which is rare because she does not like me to take her picture these days, Weirdo.

On another note, a few things around the house have changed since Wild Man came into our kitchen towels are in an upper cabinet now. I have one empty drawer because someone loves to clean and I was loosing my mind picking up dishrags and towels 500 times per day. Momma smartened up, finally. A person can only pick up so many things each day.

I'm not a fan of picking up Comet, Mr. Clean, measuring cups, beaters, measuring spoons, etc. I am slowly getting the little plastic latch thingys on all the cabinets in the kitchen and my bathroom. Did you know that I found my hairspray in Finley's dress up bin?

Finley's art table stools now rest peacefully on our kitchen table. G has been found many times standing on top of the table, stuck, yelling for us to get him as he tries to steal scissors and markers out of the top bins. Super safe, I know. We had them on the bench but G was too smart for us. He just simply walked over to the kitchen bench and drug the stool to the art table and then proceeded to climb up on top of the table. Rule #1-you must be smarter than the 15 month old.

The dog's water has to be on the table on the back porch. You can imagine what he does with this. The we must remember to put the water down so the dog doesn't dehydrate.

Our mop in now an indoor/outdoor mop. Surprisingly, mop fibers and leaves will still clean your kitchen floor.

And the slide must be on it's side at all times. He's just not big enough to make it up and down safely. He's a bit top heavy still and requires assistance.

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