Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lego King & A Beautiful Day

Can I just start by saying that Sunday was the prettiest day we've had in a really, really long time. It was the perfect temp-a little crisp but still warm in the sun-sorta like a great fall day.

This was the sky-it was so blue and not one cloud to be found. We went to church and had lunch at Texas Roadhouse with Brandi's family. When we got home, we couldn't get our church clothes off fast enough. I put Gunnar down for a nap and the kids went to the park with Brandi to feed the ducks and play. I wanted to wait for Gunnar to wake up so I crawled in bed and read for a little while.

When G woke up, I put a short sleeved shirt, jumped in the car, and headed to the park! He went nuts when he saw the ducks. He was saying, "ducky, ducky, ducky!" Finley was mad that I wouldn't watch her swing but I was frantic trying to watch Gunnar beside the water. I thought he was going to go straight into the water-I couldn't keep my eyes off of him for a second! I finally just gave up and went back home with him because he was making me a nervous wreck so close the water to get "ducky"!!! S & F stayed longer with Brandi and she didn't bring them home till after 5. I went in the backyard and just sat in the sunlight while G played. It was glorious. I have felt like a caged animal with all my kids in this house this winter. We needed this beautiful day so badly. Now if only God would send us some rain!!!

Now, let me introduce you to the Lego King of Lubbock! Slade has been saving his money for a while now and he had me order this cool Space Shuttle Lego. I have to tell this funny story. First of all, he had $100 saved, but I reminded him of tax. He borrowed a dollar from Finley, in which he would pay her back the dollar plus 25 cents in interest! Haha. Then Kyle loaned him the rest of the tax. When I ordered it online from Target, the total was like $107.24. He came over and handed me $107 and a quarter and said, "I guess you can keep the extra penny." Oh, well thanks, my generous son!!! Too funny!

The package was waiting for him when he got home from school on Friday afternoon. So off he went to his room, never to be heard from for at least an hour. He had to go to a slumber party that afternoon, so he couldn't work on it. But when he got home from the slumber party and his basketball game on Saturday, I think he worked on it for at least 6-7 hours, maybe more. That night after nine, he walked in and it was finished! He was so proud and so were we!!! It had over 1200 pieces and said for 14 years or older!!! It is definitely the most difficult Lego he's ever built.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Sunday so much too! So blessed to spend time with my family.
And I'm so proud of Slade!!