Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gunnar is 16 months!

Oh, my baby turned sixteen months. Wow, can it really be? I just think he's really acting big since Christmas. I love watching his little personality, but yet I'm so sad he's getting so big, so quickly.

Weight - 25.5 lbs, 40th percentile

Height - 31.5 in (I think), 40 percentile

Diapers - size 4

Clothing - mostly 18 mo, some 24 mo

Milk - still has 3 bottles a day (I will go on record and say that I will not let him go to preschool with a bottle!!!)

Food - he is in a non-eating stage right now but usually is a pretty good eater. Some favs are cheese, raisins, blueberries, toast, beans, and has an obsession with Dum Dums. He screams for suckers and it drives me nuts!!!

Toys - my mop, brooms, vacuums, balls, Lego blocks, rags, video cases, his push duck, brushes, and markers. He loves to push strollers, laundry baskets, stools, toys, pots & pans.

Books - favs are his tractor book, animal books, Ducky book, and his rainbow book.

Words - talks quite a bit! Some things he says: duckies, ice (nana taught him this because he drinks out of her Sonic cups), Nana, everyone is Mama to him, backpack, ba-ba(for bath), tee tee, smacks his lip with means dog, I eat, boom (broom), boom (also means mop), Dada, B (for Brandi), Tita (Cita) just to name a few!

Sleeping - the boy is not a great sleeper, but he does sleep all night the majority of the time although he wakes up and stirs all night. I've finally been able to not hear every cry he makes during the night, so I sometimes get some solid nights of sleep. He does cry almost every night around midnight-he just can't sleep through that hour for some reason. I'm pretty strict with his nap schedule or he gets very cranky. He usually goes to bed about 7:30 and wakes up anywhere between 5:30-7:00 with a two hour nap after lunch. It's not perfect but we have come a long, long, long, long, long, way!

Likes - cleaning, baths, being outdoors, opening drawers, and going anywhere with Daddy. He really loves Kyle. He love his sissy, too.

Dislikes - not getting his way-he has figured out how to throw fits this last month, the doctor's office-hates for them to even look at him, sun in his eyes, and driving through the carwash!

I cannot reiterate enough how much the boy likes to clean!

I found this baby mop at a toy store and he likes it, but it's still not quite as good as the real mop.......

Poor Dude has a sister, what can I say?!? One thing that he does that I love is when he wants you to get something for him, he runs up to you, starts to jabber something and points or pulls on your hand. When you get up, he takes off running to show you what it is he wants! He has learned to demand our attention at a young age!!! Ha!

Finley decided that it was a good idea to let G hold a snow globe. Didn't turn out well. He dropped in on the tile floor and then crawled through the glass before I could get to him. He was scared to death of the bandaids because he has only had a bandaid when he received a shot at the dr's office. He acted worse about the bandaids that about the cuts!!!

The baby curls that melt my heart!!! I never want to cut them-we may have a baby hippie! LOL!

Cita bought him some new swim duds-he's all set! G is a sweet boy. He does have a fiery temper and is sometimes a cry baby, but his adorable smile makes up for his sometimes crabbiness. He knows what he wants! He is very busy. He will come up and hug you, lay his head on your shoulder. My favorite thing is when he comes up to me, smiles, and pats my leg-it's too stinking sweet. He goes a million miles an hour and is really good at climbing, running on the trampoline, and getting in to every possible mess he can! He loves to throw dirt. I can't wait until he can be outdoors this summer-he's going to have a blast! Oh, Gunnar, you are my sweet boy!!!

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