Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ft. Lancaster Lunch

One day during Spring Break, we had a picnic by Ft. Lancaster!

It was a quick picnic. Nana had to wear her head scarf because it was windy.

Our food tried to blow off the table.

It was kinda chilly but the view was nice. Mom kept yelling at Slade for getting too close to the edge.

Finley chased Gunnar around with her shoes untied.

We all chased Gunnar around. There's no photos of mom or me because we didn't look too nice. Mom would be mad if I put the pic of her I have. You're welcome, mom.

Finley cried because she thought we were going to let Gunnar walk off the hill. It was a slightly stressful picnic, actually.

Nobody wanted to pose. Ok, so it was cold, windy, kids crying, kids running, kids getting yelled at, food blowing off. I would say this was out of the ordinary, but it's actually pretty much like it is when you go anywhere with the Smart Family. We like to keep it real.

I have high hopes for a Norman Rockwell summer picnic.........yeah, whatever!

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