Thursday, August 18, 2011

Girl's Day Out

I'm trying to catch up on some things I have not blogged about. So here's to Girl's Day Out!
Back during the first part of May, yes I'm behind, Finley was due for a day with mom. No Boys Allowed!

We took big brother to school and dropped baby brother at church school and then we hit the town! Finley skipped out on her class!

First we stopped at The Mud Room for some painting.

She loved this place! She is very artsy fartsy so it was right down her alley. She will paint, draw, color, mark, glue, cut, and stamp just about anything.

These were some of her masterpieces. We left them to be fired.

It took deep concentration. She is a serious painter. Then we left and went to lunch at her favorite place, yes, On the Border. I guess I forgot to take a photo there. She had cheese dip, chips, and quesadillas. After lunch we ran by Barnes & Noble. We used a gift card I had and she picked out a book.

Our next stop was Sweet and Sassy. Every little girl's dream. It's kind of like a spa for little girls with a few added attractions like dressing up.

Finley had her fingernails and toenails painted.

She got silver hair glitter.

And a cool pink tattoo.

She really thought the stage was too cool. This girl loves to sing and dance. That's all she does most days. Have I mentioned that we have Taylor Swift tickets for October?!?!

Before we had to be back at church to get Gunnar, we went across the street to Cup A Yo. This has become one of our family favorites this summer. If you haven't been to one of these neat yogurt places, you have got to visit. You get to pick your flavor and then add just about any topping you could possibly ever think of. You pay by weight-the smaller amount, the cheaper your frozen yogurt, the heavier the amount, you get the gist.

This was her treat. She really likes cherry flavored yogurt with some kind of chocolate, a fruit, and gummies. I think I had coconut yogurt. It was a really fun day for Finley and me. We will always remember the day she "skipped preschool"! Ha!

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