Thursday, August 11, 2011


It's time for a few of my summer favs!

Ok, so this is, without a doubt, the best thing since sliced bread! Seriously. If you eat fresh cherries, you MUST get this. It's from OXO and it is a cherry pitter! And it works like a charm. We love to eat fresh cherries but it's such a pain to take the seed out. No problem! You pick off the stem and place the cherry in the empty space and it will pop the seed right out in no time! It works every time and you can even put cherries in your fruit salad now! I can give Gunnar fresh cherries now without messing with the darn seed! I ordered it off of and it was under 10 bucks. You.must.get.this.

I found these in search of something to dip in hummus. I love pita chips but they aren't figure friendly if you eat thirty of them. So I tried these Wasa fiber crispbread crackers and they did the job. They are also good with tuna. They also have Bob Greene's Best Life seal so they must be healthier than pita chips. You probably shouldn't eat thirty of these either, but you are getting some low cal fiber in your diet and they are only 35 cals per cracker!

My friend gave Finley this for her bday. She took one of the portable Crayola art kits and she blinged it all out with ribbon, rhinestones, and her name. What a cute idea for a gift!

This is my favorite brand of tea, but I've only ever seen it in the gallon jugs at United. This summer I found it in tea bags so I could make it myself at home and for cheaper! I haven't seen it in decaffeinated yet, but this is a start! Nothing like a cold glass of Red Diamond tea! Yes, please!

Pioneer Woman used the adobo sauce in these chipotle peppers in a pasta recipe I made for Finley's bday party. I had never bought or even seen them in the grocery store, but they are there. The juice around these peppers is hot and spicy. Perfect to add into recipes for dips, sauces, etc. I put it in the yogurt mixture for my fish tacos for some spice. There's a bunch left over when I just use a tablespoon or two, so I just freeze small amounts in ziplocs. Try it!

And last but not least, my friend, Angela, gave me four of these Tervis brand glasses. They are the best glasses EVER!!! They have this snap on lid you can order with them that is perfect for taking in the car or giving to the kids instead of sippy cups. Plus, how neat is it that they have a Fiestaware line! They match my dishes! I love these glasses and they have tons of styles. You can also put hot liquids in them and put them in the dishwasher! LOVE!

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