Sunday, February 20, 2011


We just got back from a fabulously fun weekend at the San Angelo Rodeo! Darn it, we had a blast! We checked Slade out of school at noon on Thursday and skipped town as fast as we could. Kyle was able to go with us this year(this is our third year to take the kiddos) and thank goodness, because we looked like we packed everything but the kitchen sink, thank you, baby Gunnar! Boy, did I forget how much paraphernalia you have bring with an infant. Swing, check. Nap Nanny, check! Bottles, bottles, bottles, check-check. Pink boots, check!

What do you get to match these beautymous pink boots Finley picked out?!? Big Dad bought the gals boots. Not me, just the little gals. I have one word for these boots....SNAZZZZZZY!!!

We went to the park, a fab toy store, went to the carnival, the rodeo, and had a really fun time running down the hall at the hotel-the kids ran, not me. Ha!!!

This girl could swing. All. Day. Long. And then some!

And yes, Brandi, Cita, and myself all went down the slide, too.

What are they watching, you ask??? Could it be Urban Cowboy? You'll see in a minute.

Somebody doesn't love their stroller. Yet.

She does like to jump.

And likes to jump, HIGH!

Not Urban Cowboy or Drugstore Cowboy or Ty Murray. Just Slade, riding a bull, in his tennis shoes, hehe!!!

And his Tech shirt. Who needs pearl snaps when you have a Tech shirt, right!?!

And of course, there were no pics of me since I take all the pics, so Kyle took one last night of me feeding G nor did I get one of my dad or Brandi. And let's not forget the things I learned at the rodeo..........
1. Cotton candy still tastes just as good as it did when I was nine.
2. You never run out of hot water in the hotel.
3. Spinning around 500 times will make you queasy.
4. You will see someone you know at the rodeo. Actually lots of people.
5. The smell of goats, horses, manure, and fresh dirt bring back memories of my childhood. I wonder what happened to my blue jean fabric boots and Brandi's turquoise Ropers?

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