Sunday, February 6, 2011

Too Tired Sunday

I really am too tired to post anything. Kyle left to go out of town early Friday morning and didn't get home till this afternoon. Soooooo, I had lots of kiddos on my own! Brandi was even out of town. I cannot believe I had three kids by myself. Oh, yea, I forgot....they are MY own kids! Ha! Anyways, we managed just fine and pretty much didn't leave the house-only to get food and a quick run to Hastings for the new Pioneer Woman book. I need to hit the hay because I can barely keep my eyes open! I will leave with just a few things on my mind.........

1. I came to the realization tonight that I really could care less about the Super Bowl. Sorry, I know that is un-American, but I soooo prefer college football.

2. I am super jazzed, NOT, that my new stomach doctor is scoping my stomach tomorrow. Yes, this is my second scope. Yes, my stomach still hurts 5 out of 7 days of the week. Yes, I'm dreading it like the plague.

3. I really do enjoy the cold weather, but this wet/snow/ice/severe cold is starting to get a little old. Especially when it hits my family right smack in the pocketbook. Hello, weather, did you not get the memo? It's time to pick up your snow clouds and go back where you came from. Sincerely, The Smart's

4. Did you know a chihuahua can stay in your bathroom an unlimited amount of days when the temperature outdoors is below 15* at night. Fun times.

5. It is possible to read Pioneer Woman's new book in one day. It's that cute of a story.

6. Hopefully this new template will help people to see the comment bar. The old one was too close to the same color of the background and some people couldn't find it.

And that's all I got to say about that........

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Jerilynn said...

yep! I like this template better - I'm into "white space" these days. Now, why didn't you download the book onto your kindle? I must say....I still like the P.W. - but not over the moon about her - she's a little too "in" for me these days. I haven't really been tepted to read her new book - convince me I should Ü