Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Do, Kinda

Well, Finley got married. In a pretend kind of way. Thank goodness because I can't even think about that business. I'm way too young. Oh, I mean Finley is way too young.

At her preschool they do a whole unit on family and wrap it up with a pretend wedding. Kinda weird, I know, but they've done it for years. Evidently Finley's dance teacher was in the wedding when she was at Sugar & Spice Preschool so we are following tradition I suppose. And it's funny, actually, because Slade was the groom when he went to preschool here. They even interviewed him on the news and I have a copy of his interview.

It's really pretty cute and everyone dresses up. The actual wedding lasts about five minutes but the getting ready for the wedding-well that's another story. Then they end up eating some cake and punch, which I'm sure is the highlight of the whole thing.

I think the groom is wondering what he just got himself into. Yep, she's high maintenance. Sorry, Dude. P.S. She likes shoes.

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