Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gunnar is 3 Months!

My sweet boy turned three months old on the 27th. Man, how time flies! Where have I heard that before?!? Well, at least I know to cherish every tired moment because he will not be a baby long.

Mr. G is a big dude! He weighed 18 pounds with a wet diaper and clothes on about a week & a half ago. Yes, I repeat, eighteen pounds. So we figure he weighs about 17ish pounds naked. Good grief! And why are my arms not more muscular, well, probably because my back hurts!!! So this child is growing like a weed and looking like a mighty oak! Ha! We might have two line-backers and one smallish cheerleader on our hands. We shall see.

What can I tell you about G. I would say his top priority is to be held. All the time. Before he eats. After he eats. Morning. Noon. Night. He is a big spoiled brat of a baby. But he's just so darn cute. I have let him cry at times, but he is so pitiful. I don't think I need to start training on him just yet. Right!?! Kyle thinks otherwise.

G loves to smile at people, especially those with dark hair. We don't know why that is. His biggest smiling time is first thing in the morning. Sometimes it's at 6 in the morning. He loves for Finley to talk to him. He is starting to pay attention to cartoons-he watched Sesame Street with Finley the other morning for a while. He really likes to take a bath-it's very calming to him. He is holding his head up really well so I think it's time to start propping him up in a super saucer and such. He usually takes a good long nap in the morning and if not then, than right around lunch. He's a big cat napper, too. But nobody can accuse him of sleeping all night, that's for sure! I wouldn't know what it was like to have a baby boy that slept all night.

All in all, he is coming along just fine. It's amazing how pleasant one baby can be without their belly hurting! Oh, and I forgot-he's wearing size 2 diapers but could very well wear the 3's I have in the garage and 3-6 mo or 6 mo clothes. Ya'll don't make fun of my boy for being so skinny......

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The Boyd Gang said...

He has passed Sawyer up in weight. Sawyer weighed in at 16lb 7oz at 4 months. Gunnar is so precious and I am a little jealous of his newborn pictures. Sawyer WOULD NOT cooperate for us and we didn't get very many good ones;(